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The majority of the training modules required to be a Leader can be completed either on a course or through the E-Learning Courses via the National Website. To help we have created this page with hyperlinks to the correct pages you need to complete the Leader Training.
If you are struggling please speak to your Training Adviser, or the Local Training Manager.

If you need to speak to someone about training please contact the Local Training Manager (Eddie) at

Getting Started Modules
Module 1 – Essential Information
Module 2 – Personal Learning Plan
Module 3 – Tools for the Job
Safeguarding Module


Executive Committee Training:
Module 1 – Essential Information for Executive Committee Members


Wood Badge Modules:
Module 5 – The Fundamentals of Scouting
Module 6 – Changes In Scouting
Module 7 – Scouting For All
Module 8 – Skills of Leadership
Module 9 – Working with Adults
Module 11 – Administration
Module 12a – Delivering a Quality Programme
Module 12b – Programme Planning
Module 13 – Growing the Section
Module 14 – Supporting Young People
Module 15 – Promoting Positive Behaviour
Module 16 – Introduction to Residential Experiences
Module 17 – Running Safe Activities
Module 18 – Practical Skills
Module 19 – International


Available Documents:
Adult’s Personal File
Adult’s Personal File for Section Leaders
Adult Training Scheme
Module Matrix
Training Adviser’s Guide


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