Beaver Colonies in the District

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Colony Meeting Day Times
2nd Chadderton Tuesday 6:00pm
3rd Chadderton Monday 5:30pm
6th Chadderton Wednesday 5:15pm
1st Royton Monday 6:00pm
2nd Royton Wednesday 6:00pm
3rd Royton Monday 6:30pm
4th Royton N/A No Colony
6th Royton Monday 6:00pm
1st Shaw Tuesday 6:00pm
3rd Shaw Friday 6:30pm
11th Shaw Monday 6:30pm
12th Shaw Monday 6:15pm
3rd Oldham Thursday 6:30pm
4th Oldham Tuesday 6:00pm
6th Oldham Friday 7:15pm
7th Oldham Wednesday 6:00pm
9th Oldham Wednesday 6:15pm
10th Oldham Monday 5:30pm
12th Oldham N/A No Colony
15th Oldham Monday 6:00pm
16th Oldham Tuesday 5:30pm
20th Oldham Tuesday 6:00pm
21st Oldham N/A No Colony
22nd Oldham Friday 6:15pm
23rd Oldham Tuesday 6:00pm
79th Oldham Tuesday 6:00pm
83rd Oldham N/A No Colony
85th Oldham Monday 5:45pm
127th Oldham Tuesday 6:30pm
128th Oldham Thursday 6:00pm